The Carolina Sapphire: A Beautiful Choice for Your Christmas Tree

Carolina sapphire Christmas tree

Are you looking for a different kind of Christmas tree this year? While classics such as the Leyland Cypress or Blue Ice Trees are always a great choice, The relatively new Carolina Sapphire is gaining popularity each and every year.

The Carolina Sapphire was developed in 1968 at Clemson University. It is a relatively new cultivar of the Arizona Cypress. They have steely blue green color, dense lacy foliage and tiny yellow flowers. The aroma is a mix of lemon, lime and mint, which makes it a favorite for those who plan on entertaining guests during the Christmas season. The seed cones are round, about ½ inch in diameter. Customers sometimes refer to these as the trees with jingle bells on them. While the longevity of this tree is similar to a Cedar, the foliage is soft to the touch.

Let Lovell Tree Farm help you find the perfect Carolina Sapphire

We have a wide variety of trees (including the Carolina Sapphire), and would love to assist you in finding the perfect Christmas tree for you and your family. Please give us a call or come visit us today. We guarantee you will find the perfect Christmas tree for your home!