The Fraser Fir: A Classic Senoia Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir Christmas tree

The Fraser Fir, Also known as the Southern Balsam Fir. Grows to 60 ft. Should reach 6 ft. in 6-7 years., beginning with a 5-yr. transplant. The Fraser Fur is without question one of the most popular types of Christmas trees around the United States, and has been a Georgia favorite for decades.

Why Choose a Fraser Fir for your Christmas Tree?

The Fraser Fir is very soft, shiny, bright green foliage is silver on the underside. In fact, children and adults alike love these trees because many people say these trees appear to have a “snowy” look to them! Having a tree with a snowy appearance will really put your entire household in the Christmas spirit! These trees like cool, moist, well drained soil, and will not do well in heavy, wet, clay soil. The tree does not require full sunlight, and needs only light shearing.

This tree is not indigenous to Georgia and will only grow above 3,000 feet above sea level. The particular Frasier Firs brought in to Lovell Tree Farm this year were grown in North Carolina. So, if you are interested in a Fraser Fir, or one of the many other trees that we offer, come see us today and take home the perfect tree for the holidays!