Leyland Cypress: A Classic Christmas Tree for Senoia Residents

Leyland cypress Christmas tree

If you were to survey 100 people in Georgia and ask them what their preferred Christmas tree is, you would probably have 70-80% say Leyland Cypress. It is a classic Georgia Christmas Tree, and we grow them right here in Senoia at Lovell Christmas Tree Farm.

Why Choose a Leland Cypress for Your Christmas Tree?

The Leyland Cypress is a handsome, fast growing evergreen that is used extensively in the Southeast. This rapidly growing landscape evergreen has fine, feathery, soft-green pointed needles and keeps its foliage year round. This popular landscaping tree grows well in many southeastern states and is sustainable in plant hardiness zones 6-10. It is an excellent choice for privacy screens, hedges, groupings, noise abatement and even as Christmas trees.

Leyland cypress is now grown in all southern states, and is becoming desirable for many uses in this region. It is a favorite because it is fast growing and is adaptable in many environments. The Leyland Cypress grows well in varied soil types and flourishes in full sun. The Leyland cypress forms a graceful pyramid, with dense pendulous branches and fine, feathery foliage. The attractive, cone-shaped evergreen retains its needles and does not shed.

Come see Lovell Tree Farms for your Leyland Cypress this year!

If you are interested in having a Leyland Cypress for your Christmas tree, then we invite you to Lovell Tree Farms. We have a wide variety to choose from, and guarantee you will find the perfect Christmas tree for the holiday season.