Be the First to Experience the Murray Cypress Christmas Tree!

Newly available at Lovell Tree Farm this year will be a new tree, which many growers think is the ideal Georgia Christmas tree! This tree is known as the Murray Cypress.

This tree was discovered by Bill Murray, a retired forester, while taking cuttings for his nursery. Murray, who was instrumental in the formation of the Georgia Christmas Tree Association and the Christmas Tree industry in Georgia more than 50 years ago, noted that this tree has desirable qualities beyond other varieties in that it is a darker green and has stronger limbs for holding ornaments.

Get your Murray Cypress at Lovell Tree Farms

As we all know, a dark green tree that holds ornaments well sounds like the description of the ideal Christmas tree! So, if you are interested in looking at this tree up close to see exactly what it has to offer, then please come visit us this holiday season. We guarantee you will have a huge selection of beautiful trees, and get the exact tree that you want at a reasonable price!